Moonrise Mirror

Moonrise Mirror

Michael Funch together with Vij5

As the moon rotates around the earth it shows itself to us in different shades, marking the different seasons. The balance between dark and light in terms of the moons cycle, defines a time of growth and a fresh start under the first quarter moon: Spring. The Last quarter moon represents the beginning of the end of the cycle, tearing down old structures and preparing the way for new ones: Fall.

This half circle phenomenon and the graphical system symbolising the Luna phases, was key inspiration behind the design of the Moonrise mirror.

The Moonrise Mirror is a circle mirror split in two ‘hemispheres’, one coloured and one clear. The backside of the mirror is handmade of Oak wood and offers a simple construction to hang the mirror  to the wall. The clever design makes it possible to rotate the mirror and change its appearance in the interior, fitting the mood and needs of the user.

Colored mirrorColored mirror on oak


Camp Vibe

Camp Vibe – New Luxury

Society is changing and we see an increasingly stressed society captured by the inability to escape work, emails, business calls and a busy city full of noise, traffic and a lack of nature. I believe that in a range over the next ten years we will see an increase of interest to find an escape and dreaming of a simpler lifestyle. I call this movement: New Luxury.

This movement involves a change in the consumer behavior and a change in new vacation desires. In terms of products the consumer will be looking for something that is long lasting, sturdy and has more emotional value. Objects made with care, a story or just a reminder of how simple life could be. The dreams will be carried out in our vacation lives where big fancy hotels are replaced by nature in a tent. A healthier life style where we appreciate catching our own food, respecting good produce and simple rustic cooking. Even where we choose to live will change. Locating yourself within biking distance to work and looking for small local areas to have a cafe where people know your name.

New Luxury is taking a step back from mass production society where we just produce to produce and start asking the question:” What is important to me?”

Outdoor cookingOutdoor cooking

Proper Properties

Proper Properties

When we look at materials we tend to focus on what the materials are best fore, which is fine. But the result often becomes material that are just glued together to form the perfect functional product. But what if we would force ourselves to look at the materials differently? What if we use their properties in a new way? Would the outcome be more or less?

What I have set out to do is to look at the properties of 2 materials to make a perfect connection. Two materials that are made for each other and from there try to develop a product that is beautiful, meaningful and functional.

The materials I found most interesting in my research were glass and metal: Using glass as an easy formable material and metal to take the intense heat from the glass forming process. Even in the cooling process I found that certain metals worked better together due to shrinking.



Bobi-New connection

A colourful, playful and new idea of gluing a wooden piece of furniture together inspired by the old method: Mortise and Tenon joint.

By making two Mortise (female) parts, putting them together and filling it with a fast hardening thermo harder plastic like G27 or P115, I have found a fast and easy way to add aesthetics and save time in precision work.

I came up with a Scandinavian chair design to illustrate and test the connection but the real design lays in the method: Making it possible to create a wider range of products using the same technique with a colourful/fictional design language

Wooden connection

Knife and Cuttingboard

Knife and Cutting board

In many ways this design celebrates the Danish tradition of “smørebrød” witch today reflects in our daily lunch habits. A cutting board that together with the knife is my modern take of an old classic cutting machine used to thinly slice a peace of bread and still said to be the best way to cut this particular kind of bread.

I designed the knife to both handle the toppings as well as cutting the bread by making a fusion between a butter knife and a bread knife.

The wood and its pattern is my visualization of the bread (rugbrød) and by minimizing the guillotine mechanism I have tried to give this tradition and functionality back into the modern homes once again.

Scandinavian style

About me

Michael Funch

Born in Fredensborg DK, educated at the European School of Luxembourg, explored my knowledge of design at Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole in Randers DK and defined myself as a designer by graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

How and why we use materials is important to me and my designs. Materials can reflect so much information or change in our thinking and that inspires me to find new solutions and tell my stories to the consumer. Showing the consumer that simple life can feel like luxury or finding new and meaningful connections between materials is all possible to reflect in the materials, but of course never without a story to tell. The concept always comes first. A design can be beautiful but without the right story as an origin it is meaningless. My concepts always start with a problem or something I see that I can improve upon. And once the concept is defined the inspiration can begin to give the concept its shape.

I have been collecting my knowledge in different places of Europe to broaden my horizon as both a person and as a professional. I believe that this is essential when speaking of trying to understand or trying to learn about people, trying to seek out different situations and trying to come up close to different kind of people which gives you far more experience than reading about them on the internet. Both the European School in Luxembourg, Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole in Randers DK and the Design Academy Eindhoven have given me experience with a lot of different nationalities and interesting characters. This has made myself quite an international character with lots of people experience and communication skills.

Michael Funch Design


I am super exited to announce that I have been nominated for the international glass prize with my project Proper Properties.



We are proud to present the second edition of the International Glass Prize (IGP2), a triennial competition for arts, design and crafts.
This project is an initiative of the Private Foundation Charlotte van der Seijs and is organized by the glass museum GlazenHuis in Lommel, Belgium.
The jury will award EUR 12,000 of prize money and two residency periods in the studios of the GlazenHuis. This edition’s theme is: THE PROCESS.


I am proud to be a part of the OPEN WORLD expo at KAZERNE in Eindhoven. No pictures yet of the expo but please visit to see my project Proper Properties.


Techniques, materials and insights to inspire the reshaping of tomorrow’s world

In the second exhibition within the OPEN theme, Kazerne is featuring artists and designers whose work provides an inspiration for reshaping the world of tomorrow. OPEN WORLD demonstrates how the symbiosis between technique, design and art contributes to the development of new materials and aesthetic forms. But more importantly, it also explores the role and value of the creative industries in the identification, investigation, and making visible of current social issues by means of inspirational stimuli or concrete solutions – both high and low tech.

OPEN WORLD opens on 20 February and continues to include Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven at the beginning of June 2015.