Camp Vibe – New Luxury


Society is changing. We see an increasingly stressed society captured by the inability to escape work, emails, business calls and a busy city full of noise, traffic and a lack of nature. I believe that over the next ten years we will see an increase of interest to find an escape and dreaming of a simpler lifestyle. I call this movement: New Luxury. This movement involves a change in the consumer behaviour and a change in new vacation desires.

In terms of products, the consumer will be looking for something that is long lasting, sturdy and has more emotional value. Objects made with care, a story or just a reminder of how simple life could be. Dreams will be carried out on vacation: big fancy hotels replaced by nature and a tent.

A healthier lifestyle, where we appreciate catching our own food, respecting good produce and simple rustic cooking. Even where we choose to live will change. Locating yourself within biking distance to work and looking for small local areas to have a cafe where people know your name.

New Luxury is taking a step back from mass production society where we just produce to produce and start asking the question:” What is important to me?”